Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am grateful for winter

Every year I dread the coming of the winter months. I do not like the cold, sickness, lack of sunshine, and my husband being gone all the time. However, I have decided to try to find the good in all things this year and be so focused on what I don't like but what I am grateful for and what i do like. So as for winter,
1.I love the way the yard looks after a fresh snowfall. Free from tracks and still white and beautiful.
2.I love to watch snow fall, I feel like I am in a snowglobe that is being constantly shaken.
3. I do enjoy the overtime money that Michael gets for working all those long hours. I am grateful to Michael and the rest of his co-workers that we have clean roads to drive on. They do a great job clearing off the roads in a timely manner.
4. I love being pregnant in the winter because i actually get cold and don't feel incredibly hot all the time.
5. I enjoy eatting hot soups that don't taste so good in the summer
6. I enjoy the shorter days because my kids actually sleep longer.
7. I love snuggling up in blankets and watching a movie on a cold night.

Wow, I guess winter isn't so bad after all. I will have to read and reread this post to remember to be grateful for winter on days that it is bitterly cold.

I am also going to try to blog more and keep better track of my days for journalling for the kids. I have done horribly at that so far and Jared is almost 5.

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