Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jared was Tagged by Elisia

Name: Jared Andrew Fellow
Name Meaning: To Descend, man warrior
Age: 4 1/2
Nicknames:Goofy Nutter
Favorite Activites: Jared loves to pretend and act of movies with his cars
Favorite Foods: Rice, Ham and Cheese sandwich
Least favorite foods: any type of soup, most fruits
Favorite Music: Jared loves primary songs and rascal flatts' life is a highway(aka the mack song)
Favorite Toys: race cars and his bunny
favorite book: Jared likes his thomas the train book
Favorite item of clothing: His dinosaur vest
What makes him happy: outdoors, rough housing with daddy
what makes him sad: getting in trouble and when toys don't work properly
I tagged: Brennan, Ocean

Elisia was tagged

Name: Elisia Renee' Fellow
Name Meaning: My God is a Vow, Reborn
Age: 34 months, almost three
Nicknames: Chica and Cheekers
Favorite Activities: Coloring, riding her bike, and playing with her babies
Favorite Foods: French toast, green beans, cheese
Least Favorite Foods: potatoes, Ham
Favorite Music: Elisia loves anything she can dress up and dance to. She really likes nursery rhymes and church songs
Favorite toys: Her baby doll and baby stroller, and her blankie
Favorite book: Elisia loves all books. She really like David gets in trouble and No David
Favorite Item of Clothing: She loves her kitty cat jammies and her princess shoes
What makes her sad: When she can't watch Dora or Diego. When she has to sit in a time out.
I tag: Jared, Abby, Emma, and Logan