Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Blues

Why is it that I live in the midwest? The winter blues always hit me in January and continue through March. This year seems worse than most years have been. This artic chill can depart anytime. It makes it really hard because the kids have cabin fever, but they have colds so we really can'y go anywhere.

The monotany of life really seems to be getting to me right now. I feel like everyday is the same. I know I have the power to change that, but you can onl do so much in the cold winter with sick kids.

Jared is in Primary now and loving every minute of it. He talks about is all the time and he is finally pooping in the potty chair.....He is also learning to express his feelings. This week when he was sick he kept saying "Mommy, I am sick. I need to lay down." or "My tummy hurts" What a relief that he can tell me how he feels.

Elisia wants to potty train. We tried yesterday and she had a pretty good day. What she really wants to do is wear her dora underwear. We will see what happens. That would definatly make my life a lot easier.

Quinn finally rolled over from tummy to back. She is also learning to self soothe. What a hard thing to do. I have to let her cry and she hates it and I hate. She has started baby food and she is so much happier with a full tummy.

Who would have thought how difficult it is to not eat sugar. I intake so much more than I thought I did. It was going really well for a week and then the cold hit and when I don't leave the house that is when it seems to be the worst.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year

Christmas has come and gone. Let me say I now know how my parents felt all those years I was sick on Christmas. Jared had a nasty cold and pink eye, there's nothing like going to the doctor on Christmas eve. Michael ended up going to work so the kids and I watched movies all day.

Here is an update on Quinn. She went back to the ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist and he gave the go ahead to see an audiologist. However the very next day she had tons of fluid draining out of her ear. So another round of antibiotics and ear drops for her.

We had a family trip to the dentist this past week. It was the first time for Jared and Elisia. Needless to say it went better than I thought. Elisia wouldn't open her mouth. I had to hold Jared, while she looked in and counted teeth and he actually let her clean them. He did such a good job and afterwards he was really proud of himself for being a big boy. He is getting better at the potty situation. He has gone 2 out of 4 nights with no accidents!!!! YEAH.. However I am failing with getting a BM in the toliet. We are reading a lot of books on potty training. I am hoping that will help.

I am trying to give up sugar for my new years resolution. It has been difficult and there have been some days that I have to have chocolate. But I am feeling better and hopefully this will help in my goal to lose weight.