Monday, February 11, 2008

Home at last

I took the kids to Indiana for a few days to be with grandparents since Michael has been snow plowing on the midnight shift for 2 weeks now going on his third. My friend detests winter and I am right along with her. The bitter cold has to go. We are doing well. Jared is finally pooping in the potty....He is so stubborn but has finally decided that is better than having an accident. He is growning up so fast. the other day he was peeing and singing I am a child of God. He loves that song. He bore his own little testimony in sacrament meeting the a couple of sundays ago. He has no fear of anything. This past weekend Michael finally had a break so he came down to Indiana and we stayed in a hotel just the two fo us. It was the greatest night. We were able to talk to each other without the interuption of little voices. It was a night needed and I think we are going to do it once a month.
I find it very interesting how life has taken michael and i on many different paths in this life. Without the gospel I am afraid we would not do well. I am learning that you have to step back and look at the whole picture before you analyze and worry about it. We are working very hard right now to live the gospel everyday and to teach our children the importance of the gospel. I am glad we start teaching our children when they are little otherwise it probably wouldn't be received very well.

We have also recently learned how it feels to have advice that we have learned from thrown in our faces . I guess that is part of being the oldest in both our families but it is hard and now I am coming to understand why our parents still want to help us with their own experiences. so we can learn and then choose for ourselves. I think that is how Heavenly Father must feel when we make a choice that is wrong. He thinks if only you had heeded my counsel. Thank goodness there is repentance. I just wish family member s would not get upset and offended when we try to share what we have learned in a peaceful way. I seemed to have just put a lot out there but I think a lot can relate to it.