Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am grateful for winter

Every year I dread the coming of the winter months. I do not like the cold, sickness, lack of sunshine, and my husband being gone all the time. However, I have decided to try to find the good in all things this year and be so focused on what I don't like but what I am grateful for and what i do like. So as for winter,
1.I love the way the yard looks after a fresh snowfall. Free from tracks and still white and beautiful.
2.I love to watch snow fall, I feel like I am in a snowglobe that is being constantly shaken.
3. I do enjoy the overtime money that Michael gets for working all those long hours. I am grateful to Michael and the rest of his co-workers that we have clean roads to drive on. They do a great job clearing off the roads in a timely manner.
4. I love being pregnant in the winter because i actually get cold and don't feel incredibly hot all the time.
5. I enjoy eatting hot soups that don't taste so good in the summer
6. I enjoy the shorter days because my kids actually sleep longer.
7. I love snuggling up in blankets and watching a movie on a cold night.

Wow, I guess winter isn't so bad after all. I will have to read and reread this post to remember to be grateful for winter on days that it is bitterly cold.

I am also going to try to blog more and keep better track of my days for journalling for the kids. I have done horribly at that so far and Jared is almost 5.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I am so excited!!!!! I finally have a child in preschool. Jared started afternoon preschool four days a week, at the beginning of January. He gets picked up by the bus at 12:30 and dropped off at 3:45. I get to do whatever i wish because the girls are still napping. Lately i have been napping as well. Jared loves getting on the bus and he is learning so much that he did not want to do with me. I think it is great. In 3 weeks, Jared and Elisia will go to morning preschool for an hour and a half four days a week. I am going to love life.

Don't get me wrong i love being a mother and i love my kids. Three kids in three years and pregnant with the fourth tends to take a toll on the mind and body. I am escited to spend some well needed time with just Quinn and bond with her more before the baby comes, or go shopping with only one child (what will that be like), or read my scriptures without interruptions, or excercise, or the list can go on and on.

Michael and I have been looking at houses for a couple of months and now the heat is on. Our lease is up in April and we are in crunch time now. Thank goodness I am feeling better and getting some energy back. I am not happy about having to pack and move a household of 5. Where does all the stuff come from? For Example, I went through the kids toys after christmas and got rid of a lot toys they don't play with and yet there are still toys everywhere. I have started the Goodwill piles and the clothes that no longer fit piles. However, until i know the sex of this baby i have to keep everything.

On the bright side I am feeling much better and hopefully in four weeks will know the sex of this child. It is hard to believe i am already 18 weeks and i really only have 5 months left to go. That seems unreal to me.