Friday, November 14, 2008

Where do I begin?????

Elisia's 3rd birthdays was a lot of fun this year. SHe really got into it and we celebrated it for a week. Everyone knows she loves Dora the Explorer and she loves dressing up so Dora Dress up clothes were essential. I can't believe she is three, it seemds like only yesterday i was pregnant with her. Where dies all the time go? Now she is potty training and acting like a teenager. What a fun girl though.

Elisia and Quinn at the Park after trick or treating in Downtown Arlington Heights.

Jared, Elisia, and Quinn at the church Halloween party. Jared had a lot of fun decorating or rather eatting his cookie. Jared and Elisia even did the haunter house with daddy.

Elisia isn't quite grasping the donut hang concept yet. She really just wanted to eat that donut.
Jared was really proud of his pumpkin this year. He helped Michael clean it out and told Michael what he wanted it to look like.

Elisia with her fabulous pumpkin. She actually got her pretty hands dirty and slimy this year.
All in all we are doing very well and are looking forward to our trip to florida. Yes we are driving to florida with three kids, crazy.....I think so..Even more crazy for camping......YES. It will be a lot of fun and a lot of learning as this will be our first family vacation with the kids.


Gigi said...

It's nice to see new pictures of you kids. They sure are growing up!

Ocouss said...

I'm glad to hear that they enjoyed Halloween. I think I have decided that it really is my favorite holiday.

I'm glad the chica decided to get her hands dirty. I've think it's much more fun to remove the guts than cut into the pumpkins myself.

I can't wait for Christmas when I get to see my chillins again.

Kelly said...

Annie!!! What is this!! You guys are expecting and you didn't tell me!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Oh, and we got your Christmas card today-absolutely adoreable! I need your number!!! Call me!